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Our Specialties

Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Sports Rehabilitation

Running Injuries

Cycling Injuries

Medical Bike Fitting

Running Gait Analysis

Postoperative Rehabilitation

Spine Rehabilitation



Chronic Back and Neck

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Women's Health

About us

At Santa Rosa Physical Therapy, we believe in hands-on, personalized care.

You will be evaluated and treated by an expert physical therapist from start to finish. We feel that this philosophy of one to one treatment achieves great results and provides the best physical therapy experience for you.

Every treatment session, you will work with your ‘personal physical therapist’ to focus on reaching your individual goals and get to the source of your injury quickly.

We specialize in orthopedic manual therapy and sports rehabilitation using leading edge, hands-on treatment techniques to ensure the best results for you. We look forward to helping you move better, heal faster, and perform your best!

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Reaching new heights… Mount Everest!

After much hard work and determination SRPT patient, Jon Reiter is set to make is ascent of Mount Everest.  Jon has battled adversity on his quest for the ‘seven summits’ and this will be the final leg of a long journey.  To find out more about Jon’s epic story check out http://www.sonomanews.com/Sonoma-Magazine/Winter-2011/Seven-Summits-One-Lung/  and follow his Everest [...]

Muscular Recruitment in cycling: Do We Pedal in Circles?

Muscular Recruitment in Cycling: Do We Pedal in Circles? Does a one legged duck swim in circles?…..Sure the little fella does. Do we as cyclists pedal in circles?….Is the hamstring most active in the upstroke, or the down stroke? Hmmm… there’s a lot of debate out there on which muscles are active during the pedal [...]